I tried therapy before and didn't like it... What's going to make this time different?

One of the top factors of successful psychotherapy is the therapeutic relationship. Therefore, it is possible (and likely) that the past therapy experience you had was with a therapist that wasn't a good fit for you. This can be for a variety of reasons, but it's so important to recognize and talk about it! Sooooooo (and I know this is the most therapist-y thing I could say right about now but) "let's talk about it!" 

It's important to talk about your past experiences with psychotherapy when you're considering starting with someone new. Why? It will likely help you and the new therapist decide if this relationship is going to be a better fit. Who knows? Maybe you end up giving therapy another shot! What's the best that could happen???

Do you take insurance?

My practice is fully self-pay. Something to consider, though, is whether or not you have "out-of-network" coverage through your health insurance. Everyone's insurance policy is different, so I ask that you reach out to your provider to find out more about their reimbursements. If you are interested in using OON benefits, just let me know! I can easily provide a superbill for you to submit.

What if I can't afford your fees?

I have a limited amount of sliding scale slots I hold for those experiencing financial hardship. Please let me know if you need assistance and I can tell you whether or not those slots are available. You may also want to look for a therapist through your health insurance provider or consider openpathcollective.org. Open Path Collective is an organization that provides a directory of therapists that are offering low-cost services.

How does telehealth work?

Once we decide to work together, I will get you set up on my client portal. I use a software called Simple Practice. This portal provides us with a HIPPA compliant video platform where we will "meet" without having to worry about a break in confidentiality. All you'll need is a computer or phone with a camera and mic. 

I also ask that you consider our telehealth sessions the same way you would if we were in person. What does that mean exactly? Please be sitting in a private space, by yourself, without distractions. Oh, and please be fully dressed. You know I'm only including that because of the surprises I've seen in the past! 

I know it can be tempting to schedule a session for your long drive to work, etc... It is simply for your safety that I will not conduct sessions while you are driving.

I found you on social media! Can we be friends?

My instagram (@HP_PSYCHOTHERAPY) is a public page, free for anyone to follow for mental health tips, knowledge, and inspiration. Feel free to follow me! However, please do not be offended when I do not follow you back or respond to your messages/comments. For confidentiality and ethical purposes, I will not engage with clients over social media. #instgramisnottherapy

What if I still have more questions?

Please feel free to take advantage of the "Request Appointment" button down below! This allows for you to set up a FREE 15-minute consultation session with me, where I can hopefully answer any other questions you might have!