What I do:



Group Therapy


I provide trauma-informed care, a treatment model that focuses on how our pasts affect our current realities.

Our brains are constantly scanning for danger and all takes for something to be internalized as traumatic is an intolerable emotional experience -- a moment or event where we were unable to respond and instead felt stuck or out of control because it was just too much. Trauma needs to be understood based on individual tolerance. What was traumatizing to one person, may not be traumatizing to another, but that doesn’t make the effects any less real or upsetting.

So why does re-defining trauma matter? It allows us to work together, with my clinical expertise and your life experiences, to better understand how you may have fallen into patterns of behaviors that don’t work. This new understanding of trauma helps us gain awareness as to what is getting in the way of you living your best life.

I can hear it now… “great, now I’m aware, but when do I start feeling better???”

When working with me you’ll hear me say over and over again… “with awareness comes choice.” Throughout our work together you will learn adaptive coping skills and how to find those choice-points in moments of distress where you have the opportunity to break free from old patterns and choose to respond in a way that promotes your ultimate wellbeing.

Currently accepting new individual clients for teletherapy!

*Must be residing in the states of Georgia or Pennsylvania

Still not sure if we'd be a good fit, but don't want to make that dreaded phone call to ask questions? I get it.

Maybe this will help:

I’d be a good fit for you if…

  • you’re looking for a therapist who’s going to be more direct and engaged.

  • you’re open to being challenged.

  • you’re looking for honest feedback from someone you can trust.

  • you’re interested in learning more about your mental health diagnosis and ways to cope with distressing symptoms

  • you want a therapist who will share their natural reactions... I am aware I do not have a poker-face, so I’ll let you know what I’m thinking! That way, you don’t have to start guessing what my face is trying to say.

You’d be a good fit for me if…

  • you’re motivated for change.

  • you’re interested in doing the work and realize there’s likely no quick fix...I know, I know, we all want one!

  • you’ve experienced past events that continue to negatively affect your present self.

  • you want to better understand why you act or react the way you do.

  • you’ve asked yourself, “how am I supposed to function like this?”

We’re not a good match if…

  • you’re looking for eating disorder treatment

  • you’re legally a minor (under 18 years old)

  • you reside outside of the states of Georgia or Pennsylvania

  • you’re looking for in-person therapy

  • you’re in need of legal help

  • you’re looking for a then want to find a psychiatrist